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Captain-Armband.us gives you the oppertunity to create your own captain armband!

A white, pink, blue yellow or pink captain armband? Everything is possible and you can design your captain armband completely as you wish. With our online editor you can easily place a logo of the club, texts and even images / photos on the captain armband.

Captain Armband.com has 3 sizes of captains bands; Pupil, Junior & Senior.
Within these 3 sizes we also have the possibility to choose from 3 different types of capatin armbands; 6cm, 8cm & 10cm high. In addition, all captains bands can be chosen to provide them with or without Velcro.

The captain armband will be printed with very high quality in the stretchy polyester itself. This ensures that the captain armband remain beautiful for a long time and do not fade during washing. The captain’s armband is made from a soft stretchy polyester fabric.

Super deals

Do you want to order multiple captain armbands? We have special Super deals for you!

Club Package 10x
$ 129
Club Package 25x
$ 249
Club Package 50x
$ 425
Club Package 100x
$ 799
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